High Performing Team Culture Survey

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At the NCA, we believe that great teams are mindful about:

  1. Leadership by all: We inspire and hold ourselves to account
  2. Roles & contribution: We deliver excellence and we are our professional best
  3. Patients & customers: We collaborate to ensure the best outcomes for all
  4. Team & individual wellbeing: We care, value and respect ourselves and each other


What is the High Performing Team Culture Survey about?

At the NCA, we have developed a High Performing Team Culture Survey (HPTCS) that can be used to assess team culture and identify areas for potential action for culture change within your team.

The survey consists of 28 statements in relation to culture across the four areas of the HPT Model (Leadership, Roles, Service and Team).

To request a HPTCS for your team, please email [email protected]. We will send you a link to the survey for distribution with your team (with a suggested 2-week deadline for completion).