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What’s in the Stress Management Programme?


The NCA have developed a comprehensive stress management programme to support our colleagues that has 3 main areas:


Stress Self-Care Toolkit

To enhance staffs self-care relating to stress and anxiety. We want to help staff to recognise when they are feeling stress and to access support to prevent this stress from escalating into more serious mental health concerns.

To help we have developed a Staff Stress Self-Care Toolkit that describes what stress is, what the signs of stress are, how to recognise stress in others and how to easily access to a range of resources. The resources will help staff to look at ways they can self-care, prevent further impact relating to stress and anxiety and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

To help staff who are currently in work and experiencing stress to easily access the support they need to help stay in work and to prevent further impact on the health.

SCARF Stress Self-Care Toolkit

To help we have developed a Stress Perceived Stress Score card. The Staff Personal Stress Scorecard and Support Guide, based on a researched and highly recognised stress assessment tool, has been specially created to help staff to better understand their own perceived stress levels and what support is available to help improve their overall wellbeing. The tool should be used as a supportive compassionate conversation between the line manager and staff member if they are experiencing stress and/or anxiety or by the member of staff as a self-care tool.


Tools and Resources

We have also developed an App in conjunction with BI, based on the Staff Stress Score card so that staff and managers can easily and visually assess stress levels and identify and access what support is available quickly. This App has been trailed throughout the NCA with outstanding feedback on the support it has provided for staff.

We have developed a ‘Start Well Stay Well Team Huddle Tool’ to help teams and services check in at the start and at the end of each day, building on current safety huddles and the principles of the NCA ‘Going Home Checklist’. The tool provides a structure to consider all staffs wellbeing, psychological safety, and work priorities to ensure a healthy and inclusive team ethos

SCARF Staff Stress Management Information Session


Personalised Stress Support Guide

To help staff to return to work well when they have had to take time form work to look after themselves due to stress. We have developed a comprehensive personalised Stress Support Guide for staff that builds on the self-care toolkit and describes all the interventions that support stress related issues within the SCARF programme.

Personalised SCARF Staff Support Guide


We have aligned and refreshed the Staff Stress Management Policy which now contains materials from the stress management programme based on the Health and Safety Executive Standards for stress management. This includes a departmental stress risk assessment and a Personalised Stress risk assessment and action plan.

We have also developed a Staff Stress e-support programme This programme has been specifically designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognise stress and anxiety in oneself as well as others, how to approach great wellbeing conversations, signpost to the appropriate support and complete the said risk assessments connected to the new NCA policy


Find out more about SCARF and to access support

For specific information on the SCARF programme please follow the link here and download a digital version of the SCARF Support Pack.  You will need to be logged into your work IT system/logged into VPN to access the NCA Intranet.