4MAT Process

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This model helps you prepare and plan any communication so your key messages are clearly received.

4MAT Process

Leaders who are great communicators and influencers know how to step into the skin of their recipients. Understanding how people receive information and learn is a useful basis to plan any communication whether this is in verbal or written forms.

Bernice McCarthy developed the 4MAT process based on her study of a number of other models of teaching including David Kolb’s Learning Style theory.

How to use 4MAT process:

When presented with information, an individual will ask at least one of four learning questions depending on their own learning style.

To achieve quality in our communication, making sure we cover each of these 4 key learning questions to satisfy all learning preferences can make a big difference:

  • Why? These people want to know the reason for the decision or issue. They want to know the evidence and logic.
  • What? These people want detail about the facts, what is and is not. What will be done, happening and taking place. It will include resources and structures.
  • How? These people want to know how things will be done, how it will happen, how it will affect them.
  • What if/next? These people want to know what happens as a result or next. They will start thinking beyond the present into what is possible, or the what ifs. They will be thinking what else might happen.

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