Recording Appraisals on ESR *NEW

Supervisors/line managers are required to record annual appraisal conversations on ESR via ESR Supervisor Self-Service


The date of an annual appraisal needs to be recorded in ESR Supervisor Self-Service to inform appraisal compliance reporting.

Click here to go to ESR Supervisor Self-Service.

Click here to access guidance on howto input an appraisal onto ESR Supervisor Self-Service.

Please note, to access some of the above links you will need to be logged into your work IT system/ VPN to access the NCA Intranet.


Who to contact for help….

For help in inputting an appraisal in ESR contact:[email protected]

If you are a line manager/supervisor who requires access to ESR Supervisor Self-Service, or to request someone to input appraisals on your behalf, or to update your staff list/team details contact:  [email protected]


Page last updated: 7th July 2022