My Time Appraisal – Refreshed Guidance from April 2022

The My Time Appraisal provides a refreshed approach to carrying out appraisal conversations so every colleague feels:


Key Principles of the My Time Appraisal

  • The focus is on five key elements MY WELLBEING – MY CONTRIBUTION – MY FUTURE – MY FOCUS – MY DEVELOPMENT within a natural flow of a two-way conversation, making it meaningful by focusing on the needs of every individual
  • Builds on an existing strengths-based coaching approach throughout the conversation, carried out with honesty, positivity and integrity, creating the conditions for psychological safety
  • It’s fully inclusive of every colleague, applicable to our diverse range of staff groups regardless of profession, role or level


Guidance for Leaders and Colleagues

A streamlined process utilising digital technology through the NCA Virtual Campus will guide leaders and colleagues for the five elements of the My Time conversation, recording key data and producing a live Personal Development Plan. Alpha Testing of the NCA Virtual Campus starts in April 2022, rolling out to all leaders and colleagues over the next year.

Until everyone has access to the Virtual Campus, download the manual versions to use together and store copies locally.

  • My Time Conversation – Word version click here
  • My Time Conversation – Excel version click here
  • Personal Development Plan – click here


My Time Leader Guidance to use when carrying out My Time appraisal conversations including My Time Conversation (Guidance for Leaders)

My Time Colleague Guidance to help prepare for the My Time appraisal conversation.


Page last updated: 4th November 2022