NHS Staff Survey 2021 Results

This is the place where we listen and act on your feedback together

Results of the NHS Staff Survey 2021, which took place in the autumn of last year, have been analysed by the Staff Experience team and NHS England’s Survey Coordination Centre to give us more insight into what’s working well and where further improvements are needed.

The Northern Care Alliance’s response rate to the staff survey increased by 8% from 36% in 2020 to 44% in 2021, and we’d like to thank all colleagues who contributed their feedback. Over 8,000 of you shared your views in the survey which makes the data a lot more representative. The more people who complete their survey, the more detailed the picture we receive of your experience of working at the NCA.

Together we’re keen to create a culture where we’re continually learning and use that learning to create the best working experience for our colleagues. In doing so, we’ll be open and honest about the results as we want our people to work with us to transform the Northern Care Alliance into a great place to work.

Below is the annual survey journey and details of next steps now the results are available.

Next Steps – Action Planning

We need to enlist the help of leaders to communicate the information to their teams and develop their own action plans, understanding the value of the survey and how it can transform the workforce. We are asking leaders to share the results with their teams and actively involved their teams in co-designing improvement plans to support both quick and lasting changes.

Leaders are asked to download and use the following action planning templates.

NHS Staff Survey 21 Action Plan Template – Care Org

NHS Staff Survey 21 Action Plan Template – Divisional, Directorate, Team

Accessing NHS Staff Survey data

We have worked with the Business Intelligence team to create an interactive dashboard which will allow you to explore the NHS Staff Survey results in more detail, including access to team level data and breakdowns of NCA and Care Organisation data by various demographics including staff group, ethnicity, disability/long-term condition, sexual orientation and more.

You can access the NHS Staff Survey dashboard here (previously Salford users) and via the following link here (previously PAT users).

The dashboard should be opened in Chrome and users will need to be log in via the VPN / or alternatively be logged in onsite.

If you have any questions regarding the  NHS Staff Survey please contact us at [email protected]


Page last updated: 17th June 2022