Top Tips for Motivating Teams *NEW

Follow these top tips for helping to motivate your team, whether they work remotely or not by accessing the tools and resources highlighted.

CARE: Motivated teams inspire confidence. Strength comes through Leadership by All

There are many development programmes available to you as part of Leadership by All.  Access more information including the Leadership by All brochure.


COLLABORATE: Motivated teams are mindful of team culture and are connected with colleagues

Leaders can facilitate the use of a box-lid team canvas to develop your team and access further information on how to deliver a team canvas session with them.

INSPIRE: Motivated teams care for each other, share responsibility for outcomes and seek ways to improve

Find out how you can build and maintain your resilience and complete a free report.

Leaders can also use the Stop-Keep-Start model to involve colleagues in improvements by using three effective questions for feedback.

Create a free Flinga account to set up a virtual suggestion box or virtual whiteboard to see everyone’s comments quickly and easily.

Or try an ‘Action for Happiness Calendar’ with practical actions for a happier team.

DELIVER EXCELLENCE: Motivated teams are trusted to be their professional best and contribution is valued

Leaders can use the nine tips to celebrate achievements provided by Mind Tools to help increase team motivation.