NCA Virtual Campus – Alpha Testing starting in April 2022

What are the benefits?

  • Utlises technology as an enabler for engaging development, offering access to alternative development opportunities, tools, resources and guidelines
  • Fosters collaboration through a growing number of profession specific learning communities colleagues are encouraged to join
  • Adopts a transparent, strengths-based approach to team performance
  • Empowers colleagues and leaders to own their development and career progression
  • Improves our resilience and capability to fill high impact roles
  • Easy to access data to drive inclusive planning and decision making
  • Ability to keep up with pace of change – fit for the future
  • Opportunities to extend the Virtual Campus to wider audiences


Learning Communities

The Virtual Campus will provide us with the technology to create a growing number of profession specific learning communities which colleagaues are encouraged to join.

These will help to give a sense of belonging, support peer discussion and collaboration, boost engagement and improve learning outcomes of development programmes and activities.