Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to share my personal information to access the platform?

How do I access the platform?
You can access the platform online using your choice of device. You can access on a PC, phone, or tablet

Is there an app?
No app

Can I access the virtual tool on a trust device?

What is this Virtual Tool used for?
The virtual tool is an open access platform to support NCA staff with evolving their teams.

Can I request for content to be uploaded?
Please contact [email protected] with any literature or content, you would like to share on the Virtual Tool

Who else can see it?
The platform is available for any member of staff

Can I share with family & friends?

Do you share or keep my data?
No personal data is processed

Do I need an account or profile?
No need for a profile

Who developed this virtual tool?
The virtual Tool was co-designed by the Talent and OD and Digital Readiness Team and funded by Health Education England