Stop, Start & Continue

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Stop, Start & Continue is a useful framework for delivering or requesting feedback. It can be used by an individual or used as a team exercise.

Feedback is made up of things the individual or team should keep doing, they should stop doing and new things they should start doing.

Stop, Start & Continue

The framework can also be applied to a project team:

Start –  those things the team will begin doing in the next cycle of the project.

Stop – looks back at the previous cycle of the project to identify which things didn’t work and should cease.

Continue – identifies things that worked in the previous cycle and need to be part of the team’s core activities.


How to run Stop, Start & Continue as a team exercise:

Click here to find more about how to run as a team exercise or read this useful article which helps understand and plan for a session.

There is also this useful template produced by our NHS Colleagues in Wales to help capture the feedback.