The Iceberg Model

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The Iceberg Model can be applied to many aspects of leadership and management and demonstrates the importance of applying efforts across several areas including People, Task, Process and Principles.

The Iceberg Model

As with an actual iceberg, if you neglect what’s below the surface, the iceberg will eventually lose its centre of gravity and tip – sometimes with a crash.

Task has to be done. It’s not one or the other – it is both – but with a greater emphasis on People, Process and Principles.

Neglect these at your peril!

The Iceberg Model of leadership demonstrates how important it is to gain the commitment of people to accomplish the tasks, and without this commitment you run the risk or dragging or driving them into compliance.

The Iceberg Model can also be applied to understanding behaviours as explained here by the London Leadership Academy: Iceberg Model Explained

Applying the Iceberg Model to organisational culture: