Building great teams

When a group of colleagues and individuals are encouraged to role model these high performing team (HPT) traits, it means they are able to perform at their individual and collective best. These CHARACTERISTICS make a team healthy, safe, happy and good to be part of.

Please click on each one within this ‘heart tree’ to explore the range of resources we’ve curated for each trait, whether you’re a colleague, a leader or simply for fun.

Our Story…

The Talent and OD team in partnership with the Digital Readiness Team have co-designed this pioneering virtual tool that will enable NCA colleagues to easily access essential resources to build high performing teams.

This is a simple and easily accessible portal to help you develop and maintain your teams’ culture as part of the wider Leadership by All ethos and principles. This alongside our ambitions for Digital Skills Transformation are at the heart of this virtual tool, which houses everything you need to enhance your team on a modern, intuitive, user friendly platform.