Monthly Service Check-ins

Checking and reporting service and team performance

Ensures Line Managers at all levels check-in with their teams and service leaders using the High Performing Balanced Scorecard to monitor progress

This helps teams and individuals to check-in on a monthly basis to ask ‘How are we doing?’ to understand how well they are doing against their team plans and improvement goals, and to recognise and celebrate achievements along the way. This can be done as part of existing team meetings.

By reviewing progress against the team’s service delivery and improvement plan and High Performing Team Balanced Scorecard and agreed KPIs, line managers can use these to have meaningful performance conversations with their teams and report to their service leaders.

It also provides a helpful temperature check if things are starting to go off track and flag up potential concerns and solution at early stages to work together to help get back on track.

What are the outcomes of Monthly Service Check-ins?
  • Monthly service leader and team priorities actions to ensure performance against targets in the High Performing Balanced Scorecard
  • Six month formal review against the High Performing Balanced Scorecard aligns to internal audit and assessment schemes and the NCA Single Oversight Framework