Monthly Wellbeing Check-ins

Checking in with every colleague to ensure their wellbeing

Ensures Line Managers prioritise the wellbeing of their people and makes time for monthly informal check-ins with every colleague

It’s important that we make time for each other and this helps line managers to check-in on their team members on a monthly basis to ask ‘How are you doing?) to understand what additional support they need for their personal wellbeing, development needs and level of engagement. They is done informally but are essential conversations depending on the needs of every individual.

What are the outcomes of Monthly Wellbeing Check-ins?
  • Informal evidence of  conversations (notes/diary)
  • Positive impact on culture/National Staff Survey results or High Performing Team culture survey


  • To help support with the monthly Health and Wellbeing conversations, a new Leaders Action form has been produced.  This form is an aid to help you capture the key messages that colleagues within your team will be telling you about in regards to their own Health & Wellbeing.  The aid is there to support you with the coaching conversations you will have to understand the who, what, why and when – please utilise this feedback to support your team and help to strengthen your local action plans. To access the form, please click here: Health Wellbeing – Leaders Action Form