Wellbeing Conversations

The NHS People Plan highlights the importance of regular conversations about wellbeing through this ambition:

“From September 2020, every member of the NHS should have a health and wellbeing conversation and develop a personalised plan. These conversations may fit within an appraisal, job plan or one-to-one line management discussion, and should be reviewed at least annually. As part of this conversation, line managers will be expected to discuss the individual’s health and wellbeing, and any flexible working requirements, as well as equality, diversity and inclusion.”

This video by NHS England and NHS Improvement describes what one is and what it should include:

Visit the NHS People website to read real-life case studies about the impact of having well planned wellbeing conversations.

Find out more about wellbeing conversations within the NCA

Access more information and guidance on how to have a meaningful wellbeing conversation as a colleague or leader within the NCA. You will need to be logged into your work IT system/logged into VPN to access the NCA Intranet.