What to focus on in a wellbeing check-in

NHS Employers suggest what to include in a regular wellbeing check-in to help say to our people that:

We care about you. We want to focus on you. We will support you.


Your health and wellbeing – How are you?

You could think about:

  • Your health and wellbeing – how do you feel?
  • Reviewing your health and wellbeing – do you have what you need?
  • Your work/life balance.
  • What the team culture currently feels like.
  • Any actions you want to take to improve your health and wellbeing.


Your role – How is work going?

You could think about:

  • Your stand-out moment, something you are proud of.
  • Something that your team has achieved.
  • Something you’ve learned or improved on.
  • Something you’ve found challenging.
  • Support you may need from your manager or colleagues.


Your personal development and aspirations

You could think about:

  • Reflecting on your learning and development and its impact.
  • Updating your personal development plan (PDP).
  • Listing the opportunities you have had to learn something new.
  • What support or development would help you in your role.
  • What you’d like to do more of in your role.