Intentional about Inclusion Training

The Equality and Inclusion team are offering training sessions focused around being Intentional about Inclusion.  These are 1hr bite size learning sessions to develop knowledge in a virtual format.  These have been created as learning sessions to support people across the NCA at all levels to better understand the diverse culture we as colleagues come across.

Intentional Inclusion Our Communities

There are a range of sessions covering different communities to provide basic awareness and understanding of communication barriers and supporting the development of a culturally competent workforce.

Creating Inclusive Safe Spaces

There are several sessions available throughout the year which are focussed on support the creation of more inclusive spaces. These include sessions focussed on group work, clinical & workplace settings.

Intentionally Inclusive HR & Management

There is a package of sessions designed to support the delivery of inclusive HR services and to build HR professionals and Manages’ knowledge around equality law and best practice within the workplace.

Specialist Training

There are workshops and sessions designed around the specialist needs of a service, clinical or corporate area, most of these sessions are available to book as bespoke activity rather than pre-planned and advertised. There are sessions linked to our wider Leadership Programmes & EDI Volunteer roles.

Bite Size Learning

There are a range of 30-minute sessions designed to be attended in short breaks or allowing the minimum amount of impact on service capacity in terms of time away from colleague’s operational role. These sessions cover a few practical focused topics covering both inclusive services & building a more inclusive workforce.

For Additional Training

Training and development opportunities are available throughout the year. Further details can be found here.

Access more information about the sessions through the Equality and Inclusion team, or contact them on [email protected]