High Performing Management System (HPMS)

The NCA has committed to achieving sustained change and operational excellence through the establishment of a High Performing Management System (HPMS). Aimed at driving operational excellence at all levels of the organisation, a HPMS across the NCA means we are:

  • Focusing on the needs of our patients
  • Empowering our staff to operate as effective leaders and teams across our system
  • Optimising activities within our processes

To achieve operational excellence, we need a culture that allows us to provide high quality services and experience to our patients, while achieving long term sustainability and growth as an organisation.

Organisations which have achieved high levels of clinical quality and safety, with reputations for clinical excellence are now increasingly focused on sustaining improvement. Typically, they have spent years building improvement capability and applying it throughout the organisation, however too often, hard-won improvements are lost as attention shifts to other priorities and staff revert to the ‘old way’ of doing things.

HPMS theory and practical application will drive operational excellence at all levels of the organisation through a framework consisting of four elements;

  • Training Academy
  • Service Accreditation System (SAS)
  • Competency Framework and Talent Board
  • Professional Network Forum

The focus will be on operational management teams who can come from a variety of backgrounds, which is in contrast to traditional clinical, human resource and finance roles which require formal training and qualifications. Given there is no standardised training/ qualifications, we know historically operational managers have become overlooked when compared to other disciplines.


Training Academy 

This includes the NCA’s generic ‘Leadership by All’ with additional professional specific modules available that will deliver a relevant and high quality syllabus, equipping operational managers with the skills and knowledge that they need to deliver their roles within the NCA context of driving Operational Excellence.  The training academy will initially be focused at leaders in Band 7 and Band 8b roles, with future modules being developed to support roles above and below this level in the future.

Current core modules which are offered:

  • Waiting list management
  • Consultant contracts and job planning
  • Capacity and demand
  • Finance

A number of other modules/masterclasses are delivered throughout the year, please click  here to review the dates and further information.  The link will take you to the NCA Hub

Service Accreditation System (SAS)

A Service Accreditation System rollout commenced in September 2021 in line with the principles of the NCA’s Nursing Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS), which will articulate clear and agreed service standards for the management of services and enable services to achieve accreditation status as part of their journey to operational excellence.

The SAS will not only include an assessment mechanism but a framework and methodology to support services to achieve required improvements. The shared ethos and ambition is for integrated leadership to reach and then sustain high standards and reliability of service delivery.

To access the SAS assessment pack and templates and more details about the programme rollout, please click on this link here which will take you to the NCA Hub.

SAS Virtual Roadshow

A series of virtual roadshows are being launched to help teams to get the best out of the Service Accreditation System (SAS).

The SAS team will talk attendees through the new, revised SAS Framework, helping them get ready for the roll-out from October 2022. The virtual sessions will provide useful advice on completing the baseline assessments and second assessments (the latter of which will receive an overall rating).  This will help you and your team understand the evidence you will need to prepare and provide to achieve the standards within the SAS Framework.  For more information and to book on a session, please follow this link to the NCA Hub here

Professional Network Forums

In order to support the creation of a professional network, a series of events run throughout the year for the various levels of operational leaders.

These events will be used to network and build relationships across the NCA, as well as an opportunity to invite key notes speakers on a range of topics, providing an opportunity for personal development. For more information, click here for this years schedule and how to book on Professional Network Forums 

Click here to watch Zeph Curwen, Divisional Managing Director for the Division of Integrated Care share her experiences at a recent Professional Network Forum, about how in Rochdale they have developed a local care organisation that brings together all system partners to think about how best they can work together and act in service of the local population.

SOLNET (Supporting and developing senior operational leaders)

To read information and updates from meetings please, follow the links below:

  • Insight pack from 8th September 2022, please click here
  • Insight pack from 19th July 2022, please click here
  • Insight pack from 22nd November 2022, please click here


You were curious and you were collaborative – let’s have more!

Thanks you to all our Operational Leads and Managers who took some valuable time out from duties to join the Curious Collaborator Conference.

Hosted by NCA Chief Delivery Officer Jude Adams the event sought to convey the benefits to us all – but particularly our patients and service users – of collaboration.

There were some fantastic presentations from teams across the NCA who demonstrated how they’ve collaborated with other teams and agencies to do something different – and ultimately bring improvements for those they care for. Examples included work between Bury Care Organisation and Bury Council in relation to community health services, how Salford’s Medical Physics Department are working hand in hand with clinicians on innovative ways to manage complex airways and the Bladder and Bowel Team at Rochdale Care Organisation who have teamed up with care homes on the ‘Right pad, Right person’ initiative.

The conference provided a great setting for networking and shared learning between NCA teams and services. It also featured a guest appearance by leadership coaches (and also vocal coaches, broadcasters and campaigners) Carrie and David Grant.



For further information and latest new on High Performing Management System on the NCA Hub, please click on the link here 


Page last updated: 9th January 2023