Team Engagement

Listening to and engaging with our people

If, a leaders’ role is to improve outcomes (for patients and customers)….

Then, we need to engage those closest to the patient/customer in creating the ambition and realising the opportunities…

In order to, design solutions that we can transact into transformational outcomes and result in ‘flow’.

Ensures teams are involved in developing service targets, objectives and measures of success for the year

At the start of every financial year, the NCA strategic priorities are reviewed and updated as part of the annual business planning process, for these to be aligned to the contribution of teams and individuals at every level across the NCA.

This is an ideal time for leaders to engage with their teams and involve them in shaping what service priorities, service delivery and improvement goals are needed to contribute to the NCA strategic priorities, gaining their commitment through co-creating team plans and measures and defining their collective ambition.

From this individuals are able to shape their own objectives and understand how they contribute to team achievements, which is discussed in their annual appraisal conversations (Colleague Engagement).

What are the outcomes of Team Engagement?
  • A measurable and locally designed Service Performance Improvement Plan, Objectives and Outcomes aligned to strategic, Place and service needs and priorities
  • A High Performing Team Balanced Scorecard with service specific Key Performance Indicators for performance focused on service priorities and opportunities for improvement