The Value of Integration and System Working *NEW

Zeph Curwen, Divisional Managing Director for the Division of Integrated Care tells us about how in Rochdale they have developed a local care organisation that brings together all system partners to think about how best they can work together and act in service of the local population.

Zeph explains how this approach links to the rich history of Rochdale including Rochdale infirmary built in 1883 and the founding of a
cooperative movement which led to a set of principles for collaboration. Zeph said that, like the pioneers of Rochdale, “we needed to do something different to be sustainable.”

She takes us through many examples of how the local care organisation has tackled place-based challenges, including:

  • Pooling budgets & assets
  • Collectively agreeing priority areas
  • Reducing A&E attendances
  • Establishing a ‘neighbourhood’ offer
  • Ways of working

Download the slides from the Association of Groups Senior Operational Leaders, Professional Network forum where she shared the Rochdale story.


Supporting the Principles of a High Performing Management System (HPMS)

Aimed at driving operational excellence at all levels of the organisation, this example at Rochdale shows how being a HPMS across the NCA means we are:

  • Focusing on the needs of our patients
  • Empowering our staff to operate as effective leaders and teams across our system
  • Optimising activities within our processes

Further information on the HPMS can be found via this link: High Performing Management Systems


Last updated: 11th May 2022