Leader Revalidation

Borrowing from and building on the clinical and medical frameworks, the NCA is committed to introduce a leader (re)validation process which requires leaders to provide evidence for their competence and performance as a leader of teams and/or services every 3 years.

Digitally supported & enabled by the Virtual Campus it is anticipated the validation process will include evidence of:

  • An up-to-date Service/Team compact (Team Engagement)
  • A team/service High Performing Team Balanced Scorecard agreed with their line manager (Team Engagement)
  • Annual appraisal (CF2) conversations for self and those they line manage (Colleague Engagement)
  • A live PDP and evidence of  continuous leader development activity per annum
  • Some form of validation from others (e.g. 360, HPT culture survey; SDR+)


Principles of Leader Revalidation

  • Aligned to the ethos and principles of Leadership by All, Development for all
  • To apply to all Leaders across the NCA  – by definition this will be any Leader who has Management of people/team/service
  • Intended to align and complement to existing profession specific revalidation and identified external Leadership requirement NHSE/I Directors (Fit and Proper Requirement CQC) – NOT TO DUPLICATE!
  • 3 year cyclical process with annual check in of progress against Leader Validation  to ensure ongoing focus
  • Revalidation will be evidence led using key criteria for measure/recording
  • The tools, resources and support will be accessible to support leaders to proactively manage their development
  • Providing standards we are expecting performance to be measured