NCA Leadership Ethos and Leadership by All Competencies

Our NCA Leadership Ethos

Our leadership ethos across the NCA is we know that every colleague contributes to leadership.

We are inclusive; We all contribute; We all make a difference.

Whatever your role, you can make a difference. Wherever you work, your contribution matters and impacts on our service delivery and patient and colleague experiences.

There are countless examples of how great things happen when we and our colleagues feel able to do so. Leadership By All means we are all encouraged and supported to take and make opportunities to demonstrate leadership whether we’re formally a leader or not.

NCA Leadership by All Competencies

The NCA Leadership by All competencies provide a way of describing what we need and expect from each other and how we all can contribute towards demonstrating leadership in our role.

They provide us with a shared understanding about how we act and behave, with our patients, peers and colleagues and incorporate the NCA leadership ethos and Leadership by All guiding principles.

They help to define a quality standard that we can use to benchmark and develop our leadership behaviours through our everyday activities and interactions with others.

The NCA recognises that success in our role is both about what we do (applying technical knowledge, skills, and ability) and how we go about our work (the mindset, values and behaviours we consistently choose and demonstrate) in order to deliver our goals.


The NCA Leadership by All Competency Framework   is an important baseline tool/measure for:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Talent management & assessment
  • Career reviews
  • Succession planning
  • Strengths-based approach to performance management
  • Organisation design/role reviews