Service Accreditation System (SAS) *NEW

A Service Accreditation System rollout commenced in September 2021 in line with the principles of the NCA’s Nursing Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS), which will articulate clear and agreed service standards for the management of services and enable services to achieve accreditation status as part of their journey to operational excellence.

The SAS will not only include an assessment mechanism but a framework and methodology to support services to achieve required improvements. The shared ethos and ambition is for integrated leadership to reach and then sustain high standards and reliability of service delivery.

The SAS forms part of the HPMS theory and practical application which will drive operational excellence at all levels of the organisation through a framework consisting of a further three elements;

  • Training Academy
  • Competency Framework and Talent Board
  • Professional Network Forum

The focus will be on operational management teams who can come from a variety of backgrounds, which is in contrast to traditional clinical, human resource and finance roles which require formal training and qualifications. Given there is no standardised training/ qualifications, we know historically operational managers have become overlooked when compared to other disciplines.

To access the SAS assessment pack and templates and more details about the programme rollout, please click on this link here which will take you to the NCA Hub.

Further information of the other three elements of HPMS can be found via this link: High Performing Management Systems


SAS Virtual Roadshow

A series of virtual roadshows are being launched to help teams to get the best out of the Service Accreditation System (SAS).

The SAS team will talk attendees through the new, revised SAS Framework, helping them get ready for the roll-out from October 2022. The virtual sessions will provide useful advice on completing the baseline assessments and second assessments (the latter of which will receive an overall rating).  This will help you and your team understand the evidence you will need to prepare and provide to achieve the standards within the SAS Framework.  For more information and to book on a session, please follow this link to the NCA Hub here


Page last updated: 19th August 2022