System Leadership

As we move more towards place based working within an Integrated Care System, leaders impacts more than ever on the outcomes for the communities and people we serve.

We all part of a world-class service and system driven and connected by the same principles, aim and values, which has shaped our Leadership by All ethos and competencies.

This diagram shows the path that always leads to our patients, customers and service users.

The short video below by NHS England and NHS Improvement explains more about the value and purpose of Integrated Care Systems.

For more detailed information about the government’s plans to shape a system that’s better able to serve people in a fast-changing world, access more information about their legislative proposals for a Health and Care Bill or read the full report Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all

The King’s Fund have developed a diagram to show how integrated care systems will work under the proposals in the Health and Care Bill.