The Role of a NCA Leader

What do we need from our leaders?

When leading a team and service, these are the core responsibilities of a leader that matter to teams and individuals so know they a priority amongst the many factors that compete for a leader’s time:

      Develop collective ambition

      Facilitate engagement

      Shape culture

 Assure and drive performance through good   performance management habits

Deliver results using the resources they manage

Coach & develop their teams and individuals to be their professional best and realise their full potential


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Collective ambition: centered around what patients/customers need,  what does good like for your patients and customers and what can be improved, develop your collective ambition together as a team as part of your annual team engagement activities,  it doesn’t need to be complicated strategies, having collective ambition can help to facilitate engagement (next point)

Engagement: to help teams and individuals to feel proud, have a sense of belonging, agency/empowerment, so they feel they can make a difference

Culture: culture doesn’t just shape itself, need to do something as a leader as if left then it will be shaped by others and not always in a good way, getting buy-in for service transformation is hard especially if wider system/organisational change that people don’t have time to input, early engagement in service transformation is key

Performance: our NCA family is made up of amazing people who are committed to patients/customers, but we need more emphasis on performance management, we can’t assume everyone will all self-manage to consistent/high standards, doesn’t have to be punitive and should be strength-based, how much time we do spend on performance development?

Results: need to do something differently with finite resources (people, space, equipment) – as part of well-led and managed the focus is on how to use resources well, influencing the best use of budgets and resources

Professional best: can be most fulfilling role of a leader to coach others to grow but this can also be time consuming and something that can stop when we are busy and other things get in the way, we need to make time to invest in others, the role of a leader is to leave a legacy, create skills and capability so you aren’t needed and instead create a High Performing Team


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